Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism

Educating Veterinarians and Pet-Lovers on Western Herbal Medicine

Classes - Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism,  Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship & Retreat and Personalized Training Sessions

Our mission is to educate veterinarians and pet-lovers on Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Food Therapy, and Bach Flower Essences.  We offer weekend seminars, 5-part apprenticeships/retreats and personalized training sessions.

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Buckwheat is not only nourishing to people (buckwheat pancakes), but it is also nourishing to the earth.

St. John's wort

St. John's Wort is not only good for "nervous" conditions, such as depression, but also for nerves themselves, and helps treat disorders from migraines to shingles.

Reishi and Chickweed

Reishi is a mushroom, and like all mushrooms it is nature's vacuum cleaner, cleaning toxins from the earth and from us.

Water Hyssop (Bacopa monnieri)

Water hyssop is a cerebral stimulant, helping clear the mind and increase brain function.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush contributes to the health of our environment by attracting and sustaining butterflies, one of our most important pollinators.

Weeping Willow

While not the most medicinal willow, it is the most beautiful.  Willows are the genus Salix, from which comes salicylic acid, the chemical constituent of aspirin.


Dogbane is the toxic look-alike to milkweed, the only plant that Monarch Butterfly caterpillars feast on their way to becoming butterflies.


Horsetail is one of our best herbs for minerals; it feeds us and our gardens.

Red Clover

Red Clover Flowers are a nutrient rich herb that cleanse the blood and nourish the body. Photo taken by Radford Davis, 2010,

Personalized Training Sessions

Dr. Laurie is pleased to now offer personalized training sessions in Western Herbal Medicine.

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Western Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and Nutrition
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Western Herbal Medicine


Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism

Dr. Laurie and Purple Moon Herbs and Studies have prepared the best apprenticeship/continuing education program for veterinarians in Western Herbal Medicine possible. 


Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism On the Outer Banks of North Carolina   Philosophy of Western Herbalism - Horses on the Outer Banks


Philosophy of Western Medical Herbalism


Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August


May 3-5, 2019


Hampton Inn and Suites, Corolla, Outer Banks, North Carolina


CE credits approved for Philosophy: 16 CE credits, 15.5 IVAS

Beauty BerryThis course is an introduction and overview of the philosophy of Western Veterinary Medical Herbalism.  We will be discussing the history of herbal use and plant identification on a multi-sensory level.  There will be lectures, labs and an herb walk.  We will also incorporate compassionate care, both for our patients and ourselves.  Bonus offerings include Qi Gong in the breaks, excursions and free time to explore the area.  Catered lunch is included in the classroom.

Lectures include herb selection, formulation and administration options for our patients.  We will discuss how to utilize a monograph, how to read herbal materials, and a brief history of Western herbal medicine.  All forms of herbal administration will be covered, with details of how to make teas, tinctures, topicals and more.  We will also have 2 labs in which we demonstrate production of herbal products.

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Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat


A 5-part course in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine


Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August


Our 2019/2020 Apprenticeship and Retreat has already filled, so please lool at the nesxt available dates>


September 20-23, 2019

October 19-21, 2019

November 9-11, 2019

March 28-30, 2020

April 25-27, 2020


September 12-14, 2020

October 17-19, 2020

November 14-16, 2020

March 20-22, 2021

April 17-19, 2021  


Location:  Outer Banks, North Carolina


CE credits approved for VHAR: 81.5 CE credits, 56 IVAS


This is a comprehensive training in the use and practice of Western Herbal Medicine. All Materia Medica lectures will include an organoleptic component. There will be extensive labs in medicine making. Each module will feature an herb walk to a different part of the Outer Banks islands. We will also incorporate compassionate care, both for our patients and ourselves. We will have lectures and extra evening activities focus on self-care, as we believe good health starts with ourselves. Bonus offerings include Qi Gong in the breaks and a movie night! There will be homework so we can assess your progress as veterinary herbalists. Our classroom is upstairs with big windows and views of both the bay and the Currituck Sound. Breakfast will be included every morning in the classroom.



Excellent course-paves path for understanding and using western herbs with confidence. Looking forward to incorporating what I learned to help our furry friends! AWESOME!!!

The Philosophy of Western Medical Herbalism was an excellent introduction to western herbal practice and theory. The conference was an excellent experience--knowledgeable instructors with engaging teaching styles and held in a beautiful locale. The self-care Qi Gong was an added bonus. It definitely got me excited to return and learn more!

I will try to express the profound effect being in your and Kris' class has had on me. I can't walk through my farm with the same laissez-faire that I have done in the past. I am photographing and journaling the wonderful plants that have always been around me. Yarrow, thistle, dandelion, peppermint, oats, nettle, alfalfa, and more are speaking to me. I am acquiring books and papers and recipes. Such a strong desire to learn more. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of knowledge and the thirst for more.

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I loved seeing preparation methods in real life

Conference Room

Very nice, liked the setting and all the natural light so it didn't feel stuffy


Very pleasant, great location, not as expensive as expected


Not really a breakfast eater, liked variety of options (especially the fruit). The smoked salmon, fruit, and granola were excellent.

Location of Conferences


Lowood Educational Center, Duck, North Carolina


Our Location, Lowood Educational Center in North DuckRecently, Purple Moon has moved its base of operation to Lowood Educational Center in North Duck.  This site will be a permanent location for Purple Moon’s courses.  The Educational Center has 3 floors: on the top is a breakfast nook with a library of herbal books available for perusal over the weekend.  The second floor is the kitchen classroom.  This is where labs and smaller courses will be held. There will be cameras over the prep table and stove linked to the large screen in the room for better visualization.  The bottom floor is in the process of renovation to become a state-of-the-art open room with large glass doors overlooking some of the gardens.  Lowood also has its own elaborate cultivated gardens and native area with trails and benches.  Vickie Shufer and her company have tirelessly added many native and medicinal plants for educational and beautification purposes.  Additionally, there are 3 bedrooms available for students to stay in while in class, along with a common kitchen, dining area and living room.

This Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat is intended to train veterinarians in the use of Western Herbal Medicine. This is a comprehensive course including organ system-based Materia Medica, medicine-making, herb walks, self-care and more. This course is intended to help prepare the veterinarian to become a board-certified Veterinary Herbalist through the ACVBM (as soon as it is passed through the AVMA).

Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat, a 5-part course in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine ... $2,975.00


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Wholistic Pain Management


and Rehabilitation


Drs. Kris August and Julie Wentzel


March 29-31, 2019

 Outer Banks, NC


CE credits approved for Rehab: 17 CE Credits, 7 IVAS


Multimodal Flower

This course will introduce an integrative approach to pain management and rehabilitation. We will learn to incorporate herbal medications, acupuncture, and other rehabilitation modalities in addition to conventional allopathic pharmaceuticals.

We invite you to join us in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina and enjoy the beach while learning about pain management and rehabilitation in animals.

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Lowood Educational Center in North DuckAyurveda for Animals


Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August


October 25-27, 2019


Lowood Educational Center

Duck, North Carolina


16 CE Credits available

The Ayurvedic Definition of HealthThis conference is intended to educate the veterinarian in Ayurvedic theory and its implementation into food and herbal therapy.  Many of the herbs used in Ayurveda are also used in Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  There will be introductory talks about Ayurvedic Theory, with explanation of the Elements, Doshas (personality types), Gunas (traits of each personality type), Dhatus (tissues), and the concept of Agni (digestive fire).  This will progress into a more in-depth look at interpreting Ayurvedic Materia Medica, followed by actual Materia Medica for foods and herbs. All food and herb lectures will include an organoleptic component.  The last day will be spent as a cooking lab, putting the Materia Medica into practice.  We will be preparing both foods and herbal remedies, and students will have the opportunity to learn techniques and sample what is prepared.

The Ayurvedic Definition of Health is “One who is established in self (svastha), who has balanced doshas (samadosa), balanced agni (samagni), properly formed tissues (dhatus), proper elimination of waste products (malas), well-functioning bodily processes, and whose mind (manah), soul (atma), and senses (indriya), and are full of bliss (Prasanna) is called a healthy person.”  - Susruta Samhita


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Intertwined: The Exquisite Relationship


between Animals, Plants and the Earth



Lowood Educational Center in North DuckDr. Laurie Dohmen and


Richard Mandelbaum, RH


February 14-16, 2020


Lowood Educational Center

Duck, North Carolina


15.5 CE Credits available

Intertwined: The Exquisite Relationship between Animals, Plants and the EarthThis conference is intended to educate veterinarians and other herbalists on the connections between the plant world and the animal kingdom and how Mother Earth makes us all one large community. This knowledge will deepen our practices on a fundamental level.  The lectures will  lead the attendee from evolutionary origins of community through plant intelligence, and the roots of herbal medicine and food use.  It will take a deeper look at zoopharmacognosy, organoleptics and phytopharmacology.  Bee medicine will be presented as an example of insects’ role in the web of life. We will close with a big picture view of the intertwined roles of the different creatures in the community of Mother Earth.


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Personalized Training Sessions with


Dr. Laurie Dohmen


Dr. Laurie is pleased to now offer personalized training sessions in Western Herbal Medicine. Come and learn medicine-making, food preparation with herbs, formulation, herbal identification, and more. The day can be tailored to your needs or Dr. Laurie can set the agenda based on your level of expertise. Sessions range from a few hours, a day, up to a long weekend. We can focus on veterinary use, self-care and more. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. Small groups of 2-4 students or one-on-one sessions are available.

Julie Wentzel, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVPP

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slide up button is very important to keep in mind that these herbs are drugs: herbal MEDICINE... 

All in all, herbal medicine is wonderful when it is used correctly and safely. 

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