Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism

Educating Veterinarians and Pet-Lovers on Western Herbal Medicine

Upcoming - Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism and Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat

This Philosophy of Western Medical Herbalism course is the precursor introduction to a larger 5 module course we will be starting in the fall that will include full organ-system Materia Medica and in-depth labs and plant identification.

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Buckwheat is not only nourishing to people (buckwheat pancakes), but it is also nourishing to the earth.

St. John's wort

St. John's Wort is not only good for "nervous" conditions, such as depression, but also for nerves themselves, and helps treat disorders from migraines to shingles.

Reishi and Chickweed

Reishi is a mushroom, and like all mushrooms it is nature's vacuum cleaner, cleaning toxins from the earth and from us.

Water Hyssop (Bacopa monnieri)

Water hyssop is a cerebral stimulant, helping clear the mind and increase brain function.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush contributes to the health of our environment by attracting and sustaining butterflies, one of our most important pollinators.

Weeping Willow

While not the most medicinal willow, it is the most beautiful.  Willows are the genus Salix, from which comes salicylic acid, the chemical constituent of aspirin.


Dogbane is the toxic look-alike to milkweed, the only plant that Monarch Butterfly caterpillars feast on their way to becoming butterflies.


Horsetail is one of our best herbs for minerals; it feeds us and our gardens.

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Western Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and Nutrition
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Western Herbal Medicine


Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism

Dr. Laurie and Purple Moon Herbs and Studies have prepared the best apprenticeship/continuing education program for veterinarians in Western Herbal Medicine possible. 


Our Introduction course, Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism, will begin on April 28, 2017 with the 5-Module Course continuing in the fall of 2017! 

Philosophy of  Western Medical Herbalism On the Outer Banks of North Carolina   Philosophy of Western Herbalism - Horses on the Outer Banks


Philosophy of Western Medical Herbalism


Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August


April 28-30, 2017


Sanderling Resort, Duck, Outer Banks, North Carolina


Beauty BerryThis course is an introduction and overview of the philosophy of Western Veterinary Medical Herbalism.  We will be discussing the history of herbal use and plant identification on a multi-sensory level. 

There will be lectures, labs and an herb walk.  We will also incorporate compassionate care, both for our patients and ourselves. 

Bonus offerings include Qi Gong in the breaks and a movie night!  Our classroom is upstairs with big windows and views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound. 

Breakfast will be included at 8 am every morning in the classroom.


Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat


A 5-part course in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine


Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August


September 15-17, 2017

October 6-8, 2017

November 10-12, 2017

March 23-25, 2018

April 20-22, 2018


Sanderling Resort, Duck, Outer Banks, North Carolina


This course is intended to be an in-depth training in Western Herbal Medicine geared specifically to veterinarians.  Each 3-day weekend will include 3 Materia Medica, 1 lab and 1 herb walk plus additional lectures and activities.  There will be homework consisting of writing Materia Medica and formulating herbal products between every session.  Self-care is also a large focus of this training.  We believe that healthier veterinarians make better practitioners.


Location of Conferences


Sanderling Resort, Outer Banks, North Carolina


the Sanderling Resort

Come to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina and enjoy the beach while learning about Western Herbs. Stay at the Sanderling Resort, as part of your self-care.  As their brochure states: “The casually elegant first-class amenities blend seamlessly with the spectacular landscape to foster connection and renewal.”  There are double rooms in the North Wing for room-sharing.  There are sitting rooms in every wing, so we recommend requesting the North Wing as a single or double for social availability with your classmates.

To make a reservation, please call the SANDERLING Reservation Department at (800) 701-4111 or (252) 261-4111, and identify yourself as being with Purple Moon Herbs & Studies to reserve a room with the group rate.

the Sanderling Resort  the Sanderling Resort Lobby

Classroom                                                       Lobby

Both the Ocean and the Sound are visible from the resort, so there are no rooms without views.  We will be disseminating a class email list as the course fills so you can be in contact with one another for room-sharing and ride-sharing from Norfolk airport.  Consider having a treatment at the spa while you are here, it is open late so you can go after class.  The Sanderling Resort is strategically located halfway between Corolla and Duck, so you can eat and shop in either location.  We will be providing restaurant advice in the orientation.  Take a walk on the beach or one of the paths along the Currituck Sound.


slide up button is very important to keep in mind that these herbs are drugs: herbal MEDICINE... 

All in all, herbal medicine is wonderful when it is used correctly and safely. 

We need to keep in mind it is medicine...